The Benefits Of Bathtub Resurfacing

Does your shower or bathtub look outdated? Are you still using the old bathroom fixtures from 30 -50 years ago or the original decorating scheme? Is the high cost of remodeling the bathroom or the disruption it may cause a reason why you have been putting off the remodeling project? If these are some of the issues you are facing, bathtub refinishing companies nj based would recommend it is high time you consider resurfacing that old tub, countertops, and bathroom tiles.

Resurfacing Can Give It A New Look

A newly remodeled bathroom looks attractive and is often a top option for many, but those who have the capacity to finance such a project. Resurface is the other alternative to giving the bathroom a facelift and it has several advantageous surprises. Resurfacing the bathroom fixtures and countertops with a bit of painting can rejuvenate the room at a cheaper cost than remodeling the bathroom.

Avoid The Hassle And Save Time And Money

Image result for Refinishing your bathtub is a good optionResurfacing the tub is a four or five hour-job, and the tub will be ready for use the following day. The countertops, wall, floor tiles, and bathroom fixtures can be handles a few days that follow. Replacing the tub, on the other hand, is a project that may take several weeks more so if it’s not just the tub that needs some work. And it a very tedious job that has numerous inconveniences.

Installing a new bathtub can cost around $2,000 – $3,000. Refinishing it in your favorite colors can cost you a fifth of that amount. It is a cheap option that also excludes all the messy hassles of demolition and changing of the plumbing as well as fixing the walls and floors to secure the tub and make the bathroom look beautiful and calming.

Refinishing Can Repair Cracks And Chips

A new tub can last for many years, but a resurface tub can last nearly 20 years or more, depending on its age and maintenance. Refinishing is a good option since it also includes doing a bit of repair work to correct any minor cracks or chips in bathroom fixtures that are still functional and in good condition. With Refinishing, it is possible to make that pitted and porous old tub into a one smooth and easy to clean the tub.

Refinishing Works On Many Surfaces

Refinishing can offer many benefits to different surfaces including those made of ceramic, porcelain, fiberglass, and cultured marble. However, it is a technique that requires the use of the right materials and procedures; hence the importance of given the job to only experienced professionals. Take the time to check their references from past clients to hear their opinion and gauge the quality of work done. Also, inquire about their work guarantee to ensure that the resurfacing contractor will offer you warranties for materials used and work done.

BONUS: Maintenance Tips For Your Refinished Surfaces

Avoid using industrial strength cleaners and other bathroom cleaning products that are not manufactured specifically for tubs and tiles. Most of these products that have abrasive compounds such as citrus and bleach. Such cleaning products contain acids that can gradually etch the refinished surfaces and those that contain bleach discolor the surfaces. When cleaning, use mild soaps and a soft cloth or sponge to clean and wipe the bathtub and tiles. Do not use SoftScrub, Cornet Ajax, or other scrub pads because they can scratch the surfaces.

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