The Advantages Of Using Lightweight Trench Boxes

Lightweight trench boxes are available in both aluminum and steel versions. Compared to heavier trench boxes, lightweight models offer a number of advantages.

The main benefit of opting for a lightweight trench box design is that it is easier to move around. Not only does this simplify the process of getting the trench box to the work site but it also makes it easier to put it in place inside the trench.

Image result for Lightweight trench boxes offer many advantagesMost trench boxes that fall into the lightweight category can be moved by standard excavators. That means that you don’t need any type of special equipment to maneuver them around the job site. This is in contrast to heavier trench boxes that typically require more powerful equipment in order to be safely moved.

Despite their lightweight design, these trench boxes are extremely durable. When used according to the manufacturer’s instructions, they provide excellent protection for workers, helping to prevent on-the-job accidents or injuries. Ultimately, the whole purpose of having a trench box is to keep the sides of the trench from falling in. Today’s lightweight designs are more than capable of accomplishing that as long as they are used correctly.

Typically, lightweight shoring boxes are used for relatively shallow trenches. You will need to check the specifications for the particular trench box that you are using to find the maximum trench depth that it is recommended for. In some cases, their lightweight design also makes them a good choice for supporting the top portion of deeper trenches. Again, it depends on the model that you are using, which is why it is so important to understand the capabilities and limitations of any trench boxes that you purchase before using them in the field.

Getting these trench boxes to the job site is also a lot easier, as well, largely due to the fact that they don’t weigh as much as some of their heavier counterparts. The fact that they are lightweight makes them a lot easier to move around.

Lightweight trench boxes offer many advantages. Because they don’t weigh as much as some other types of shoring boxes, they are generally a lot easier to work with. Moving them from one area to another doesn’t require nearly as much work. Additionally, they are usually light enough to be moved by a standard excavator, meaning that you don’t need to use heavy-duty equipment when you are getting them put in place inside of the trench.

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