Realizing Plastic Surgeons Are Entrepreneurs

Many new doctors enter the world of professional medicine unprepared for the brand-new world they enter when they are finally free of school and life as a medical intern. Even after studying a specialty hands-on, they have a lot to learn.

Image result for Realizing Plastic Surgeons Are EntrepreneursFinancially speaking, a cosmetic procedures new york based clinic testifies that medical doctors, including plastic surgeons are entrepreneurs. It is both exciting as it may bring up limitless possibilities, and at the same time frightening. In particular, for those who are traditionally very good at adhering to the structured and fixed regimen that school delivered, it can take a little while to adapt to this great new world.

Adapting To Being An Entrepreneur
Think about it this way. Perhaps a medspa opened up in the office next door to where you are working. It is your lucky day, they will pay you a $50,000 a year just to be their medical advisor. This allows them to stay in business and operate according to the law, and it gives you money for a few hours of “oversight” per month. You are not their employee. You are a contractor or consultant.

Starting out with ongoing consulting roles will help you embrace realizing that you are your own boss. It is similar to a free agent in sports, or a freelance writer, who takes on different work from many clients. Meanwhile, you could be a plastic surgeon who performs tummy tucks at the next-door office on Wednesdays for hours on end, and performs consultations and follow-up exams on Thursdays and Fridays.

Maybe you can imagine that from your experiences you might get really great ideas for innovative new medical devices, surgical tools, and even skin concoctions that will sell great at the medspa. Fortunately for Image result for innovative medical devices and surgical toolsyou, you have the medical and scientific training to make the products work. You also have the patient connection, which means you know what they need, and what devices can help them.

Learning Business Skills
Learn freelancing, business skills, and then you can master being a successful entrepreneur. Talk with business consultants, write business plans, create a company, find funding sources for your start-up, and then create your products. At that point you can begin to approach companies to license your products, and advertise them for sale.

Always be sure to hire competent lawyers, accountants, and business consultants. You get one chance to get it right, and the right professionals make it happen. Enjoy the possibilities and seeing your dreams come to life.

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