Gender Pay Gap

Why should women be paid less than that of men? For some good reasons, this pay gap between the genders seems to claim rumors that this gives a positive outcome for women!

Chances from being hired –women who has the same ability of the male counterpart seem to advance up to final interview and eventually being hired by companies than that of the males. The reason behind is the gender pay gap.

Effect to single moms –traditionally (not anymore), women stay at home to care for the kids. Elena, from Cornerstone Design reiterated that most women now hire home cleaners and pay them on a scheduled basis than staying at home when you can also go out and earn a living. Now single moms get the work they always wanted, after all they didn’t spend their teens and early 20’s going to school just to be housed for the kids and other home chores. Women has ambitions too.

When women are paid less than that of men counterparts –enduring male-dominated workplace as a woman sometimes adds to stress from work. There shouldn’t be a reason to be paid lesser than that of them. In the office where men and women work, there should be equality as to salary, after all, there is no ‘macho’ tasks in the office that women can’t do. If John can carry his chair from the dining to his office cubicle, then Mary can do that to.

Why are women paid less than men? AtlanticBut, because of this gender pay gap, women are able to advance in entrepreneurship. They love to work hard and pay themselves for the work they do. They choose to start their own business rather than working for someone else company. While running a business is at first a win-win situation and never be an easy way to contribute to the household income, it could help in some other ways too. As a woman, you are obliged to care for the house and kids first before your man. Doing business for women should be helpful in the long run although at first, you may be working for long hours as a must requirement for starting a business but eventually, you will have all the time for your family when you have stabled the business.

Women are now a part of the workforce, if not, she is making a good fortune in business than in the office. After all, women are believed to have the staying power to be able to grow a business initially. Technology advances, all facilities improved and cost of living went high is one of the naked reason why women get into earning as well.

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