Business Competition

Today, it is difficult for companies to stay in business by merely offering the best quality product types considering the highly competitive business environment and rising costumer service. Customers find it difficult making choices in their purchase since most products are more or less similar in features. That makes some costumer buy the products according to price. Nevertheless, using price only as guideline is not precise since there is a limitation to it that the companies implement in order to gain market share.

Another effective technique in order to shine in a populated business world is basing on other ideas like uniqueness and variations. On the other hand, blending with the others, copying and afraid in trying something new is not helpful in the business. In the end, whether a company is selling pizzas, real states or providing the best nose job in the country, the bottom-line is customer service. What matters most is not just the product but how the company serves. Customers’ view about the product oftentimes based on the company’s customer service quality. According to a survey, costumers switch to other product if they are not contented by the services provided by the company.

Hence, excellent customer services are one competitive advantage of a company to be successful. A new company may start serving only few customers but as words begin to spread about the service being provided at the company, this will begin to build customer confidence. If the employees are motivated, who take pride in what they do, then that turns to customer contentment. Since customers are satisfied then the company will gain higher profit. This will also be an inspiration to the company’s employees to take more responsibilities in exerting effort to make this process work effectively. As a result, the overall efficiency of the business will be enhanced.

Every company is in the business to provide a service to its customers. For example, while research has shown that meal quality is not high on the list of customer’s needs, yet an airline company offers a variety of food and drinks according to cultural taste and routes. Another one is a car company that was reported to contain about 300 major and minor state of the art designs to give not merely satisfaction but aims to delight and surprised them.

This is why the provision of good quality service is important. The company should focus on the customer from the very start. Customer focus should be considered in packaging, shipping, on the retail, innovation and the likes. The company should not limit themselves on the product or services they are currently selling instead wow their customers through continuously remolding their business.


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