Aluminium Trench Shields

Trench protection equipment is essential is any construction or engineering project that involves heavy digging. It is important to safeguard the wellbeing of utility workers and construction workers as they perform their tasks. Scores of construction workers lose their lives annually while on duty as many more suffer life-altering injuries due to the lack of proper protective equipment. these types of equipment are crucial so when you need rental equipment, you better find the best and tested rental companies.

Aluminum trench boxes also referred to as aluminum trench shields, are often utilized for trench shoring and they help protect workers who work underground. Trench shoring is the process of bracing the walls of a trench so as to avoid its collapse. Trench shields also help to keep the trench debris free. The collapse of a trench can also be very risky to the people above ground. Therefore, aluminum trench boxes help to ensure a safe construction or excavation site. It is highly recommended to seek out professional advice and expertise when choosing the most suitable solution for your project.

When digging out trenches, the stand-up time of the trench must be considered. Stand-up time refers to the estimated amount of time the walls of a trench take before succumbing to the weight of the surrounding earth and caving in. There are various factors that determine the stand-up time of a trench and they include:

– Soil structure and composition
– Weather Conditions
– Depth of the trench
– Groundwater

All the above factors can cause a significant reduction in a trench’s stand-up time. Aluminum trench shields enable workers to continue performing their duties unperturbed for an extended period of time. With this protective equipment, the chances of running into structural problems are greatly reduced. However, in case of an inevitable cave in, the shields offer ample time for the workers to get to safety before tragedy strikes.

The walls and support infrastructure of trench shields are made of heavy-duty aluminum to guarantee maximum safety. The shields are also depth-rated and this helps to confirm whether the shield you choose is the best for the job. The support infrastructure has spreaders which allow the shield to completely and properly fit within the trench and thus helps to keep the walls in place.

Working underground is definitely very risky. The weight of a cubic yard of dirt is enough to crush a worker. Companies and employers need to take proper measures to ensure that their workers’ safety and wellbeing is guaranteed. Aluminum trench boxes provide significant protection to trench workers.

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